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Welcome to the Robinson Rancheria Environmental Center Library.   The Cultural Resource Library was started in 1999 when the Robinson Rancheria Education Center received its first IMLS Grant.  Since that time, many changes have taken place.  The Robinson Rancheria Education Center still maintains an Educational Library for Adults and Children, however, due to the growing collection, part of the Cultural Resource section and the Environmental portion was moved to the Robinson Rancheria Environmental Center.    If you see a book that you might be interested in, please call Meyo Marrufo at 707/275-0205, and a check-out agreement can either be mailed and faxed to you.  Once that is returned, books can generally be checked out for one month and of course lost or damaged will have to be reimbursed to the Robinson Rancheria Environmental Center Library.

See Our Growing Collection!!

There are some books that could not be added to our collection online.  They are the Anthropological papers.  These are papers done by past anthropologist on particular subjects in this case Central California mostly Pomo areas.  Many of the titles listed can be purchased from Coyote Press

Anthropological Papers